Auction hammer falls as Wine sells for a Half Milllion

[caption id="attachment_5481" align="alignnone" width="800"] Image: Sotheby's[/caption]   By the time the hammer fell at Sotheby’s Auction house in New York last October, the World’s most expensive bottle had sold for a record breaking $558,000.00 Dollars! Who exactly was this lucky bottle to gain so much attention, let alone, cash? Well, here is what they are saying about this very distinctive bottle: ROMANEE CONTI 1945...

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Wine Storage

How To Properly Store Your Wine In our line of profession, being Butlers and all, Thomas and I are around a lot of wine. Most of the time we are given bottles whenever we have finished with an event and the promotor will give us a bottle (or two) of each type of wine we had served that evening as a “Job...

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Can We Just Spoon?

The Spoon, which is my favorite utensil to use for eating ice cream and soup, is also the oldest exclusive eating instrument known to mankind. This isn’t too surprising since as long as humans have needed food to live, that having something to scoop it up with makes sense. The spoon is generally used to transfer edibles from vessel to mouth,...

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