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Etiquette Training

Etiquette Training


Ladies and Gentleman

During the fast-paced economic rise in the 1990s, good manners went out of fashion and was seem as outdated and old-fashioned. However, in the last few years, with the popularity of the British Royal family soaring and hit television shows such as Downton Abbey, good manners and proper etiquette have become more important and sought after again. As the foundation of good upbringing, proper etiquette is essential to any business or social function if you want to appear gracious and avoid humiliating behavior, whether in a public or private affair.

Let us introduce you to the art of good manners and proper etiquette for your social encounters and business dealings. We promise that this will boost your reputation and add value as a friend and esteemed business person.

The Fundamentals of good behavior

Far more important than any mere dictum of etiquette is the fundamental code of honor, without strict observance of which no man, no matter how “polished,” can be considered a gentleman. The honor of a gentleman demands the inviolability of his word, and the incorruptibility of his principles; he is the descendant of the knight, the crusader; he is the defender of the defenseless, and the champion of justice – or he is not a gentleman. (Emily Post – 1922)


Etiquette and protocol

Not only will we teach you the basics of Etiquette and Protocol, we will take you on a journey around the world and show you how your location as well as social circles will influence how you behave.

Be it impeccable table manners, polished greetings or skilled small talk, you will be able to impress your business partners and social contacts alike with your outstanding knowledge on etiquette and protocol, and behave as a real lady or gentleman.



Many people often turn up at functions either under or overdressed.  We will introduce you to the different dress codes and explain which attire to wear that is appropriate for the different social and business occasions. This Lesson does not only include the knowledge of the written and unwritten rules of dress codes but also the practical lessons on how to bind a tie or bow-tie or how to wear foulards. We will show you our way of polishing shoes consisting of 13 different steps and guarantees that your shoes will shine even after years of wearing.


Table Manners

Formal dinners can be quite daunting with numerous knives and forks on each side of your plate. Learn the correct way tu sue a fish fork or steak knife and know exactly how to drink soup and eat different dishes with the elegance and refinement of someone with good manners. we introduce you to the correct way to sit, eat, drink and talk during a formal dinner.



Did you know that your verbal communication makes up only 7% of how you communicate with others? Let us show you how powerful vocal and visual communication is and how you can use your voice and body to influence others. Learn to harness the power of body language, facial expression and its meanings.


Afternoon Tea


What does the size of the table have to do with High Tea? Learn the difference between afternoon tea and high tea, plus what kinds of teas and food should be served. Discover what elevenses is? We will teach you everything you need to know about the traditional English tea traditions.




Learn how wine is made, how to store wine, how to serve and how to drink wine. After all, the word Butler, derives from the Old French bouteleur (cup bearer), from bouteille, (bottle), and ultimately from Latin (butticula). As Butlers we take great pride in these lessons as the caring of wine is where the butler profession comes from. The knowledge of how to store, serve and drink wine has been passed down the centuries from one butler to another and we are willing to share this old knowledge with you.



There is only one region in the world outside of France that is allowed to use the name Champagne for their sparkling wine. The smallest champagne bottle you can buy contains only 0.2 liters, while the largest bottle is called Gigantic or Primate. Learn all about the history of Champagne and how to store, serve and drink it so its unique flavors will flirt with your palate.



What has the famous ship of Christopher Columbus the Santa Maria got to do with Cigars? Learn how cigars are made and the secret of rolling a good cigar. For cigar lovers, it is important to know how storage affect the taste of a cigar and what to do when a cigar goes out. Let us introduce you to the world of Winston Churchill and what cigar enthusiasts need to know to enjoy a good smoke.