Butler Service

Butler Service

Hire a Butler

Bring Downton Abbey to your home!

Following you will find a range of services our Butlers will provide for you. 
Should you have any enquiries that are not listed here, just ask us.


Private Butler

What can a Butler do for you?

  • Assisting in preparation and serving of Afternoon Tea at your home;

  • Assisting in preparation and serving formal dinners at your home;

  • Wardrobe management;

  • Assist you on a shopping spree;

  • Accompany you to a formal event or function;

  • Travel companion on your formal business trips;

  • Organize parties at your home

  • Help organize and oversee / serve at any type of upscale social occasion;

  • Support the Wedding planner, taking care of the wedding guests and serve during the wedding dinner;

  • As an extra special and unusual gift for a friend of family member;

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What is a Toastmaster and what can he do for you?

Today, the term often connotes a master of ceremonies who presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people and generally keeps a contemporary event moving. As such, the term occurs in the entertainment industry, including for television game show hosts.

Noble&Hitsch are offering Toastmaster services for the following events;

  • Weddings;

  • Company events;

  • Formal private dinners;

  • Birthday parties;

  • Business openings

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Corporate Butler

What can a Butler do for your company?

  • Advertising agencies and corporations may want to;

    • Provide a winning contestant with butler service for a weekend;

    • Have a butler enhance the opening of a building, release of a product or service;

    • Have a butler help organize and/or oversee and serve at a formal function

    • Taking care of VIP-Clients

  • Television, film and media companies may want a butler to;

    • Advise on the role of a butler;

    • Train on the role of a butler

    • Advice and training of service related topics;

    • Perform as a butler;