Have you ever dreamt about having a Butler? Living the life-style like Downton-Abbey? Noble&Hitsch is introducing for the first time in Hong Kong the possibility to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous by providing a Butler for hire!

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As the foundation of good upbringing, proper etiquette is essential to any business or social function if you want to appear gracious and avoid humiliating behavior, whether in a public or private affair.



Noble&Hitsch will only cultivate the best and highest quality of Gentleman’s accessories, such as Ties, Ascots, cufflinks, Shoeshine kits, and personal garments and toiletries.

Butler Service



Setting up a new household in a different city? Refurbishing your yacht or private plane? Reorganizing your household? These and many more projects are important but can become an annoyance during your life. Noble&Hitsch will be happy to assist you and act as a project manager in your stead. With us, you will always be sure that we are only having your best interest in mind.



More than just a professional Butlers, we believe your home and wardrobe should showcase your style – your home is the central, happy place where you bring your loved ones together. Consulting on organization + styling, and helping people live their best lifestyle, is the most fun we ever had! We get to see a change in the way clients live by turning a house into a happy home, the way they take back control and learn to make long term healthy choices.

Butler Training

Bring your Service to the next level!

  • International Etiquette Training
  • Communication Training
  • 1 Day Service Training (Restaurant)
  • 3 Day Butler Training
  • 5 Day Butler Training
  • 10 Day Butler Training
  • Tailor-made Butler Training
Real Estate Companies
  • Sales Center Training
  • International Etiquette Training
  • Communication Training
  • 1 day Service Training (Dinner & Afternoon Tea)
  • 3 Day Butler Training
  • Tailor-made Butler Training