What is Etiquette?

What is Etiquette?

There are many Etiquette Schools or Trainers that will tell you that Etiquette goes back to Louis XIV in France. Although, the word Etiquette does indeed origin in the French language, the concept of Etiquette goes much farther back in history. As early as 2500 BC, the Maxims of Ptahhopet are instructions or advice on how to behave in human relationships. The great Chinese Philosopher and teacher Confucius emphasized in his philosophy and teachings morality, social relationships, justice and sincerity. Those are all but just a few of countless figures that helped to shape the way humans are dealing with each other. As there is not one founder of Etiquette, there is also not one correct Etiquette. The true English Etiquette does not exist as much as the true French Etiquette is just a made up of marketing people to sell their Etiquette trainings.

But then, what is Etiquette?

The answer to that is surprisingly simple: Etiquette is a set of unwritten rules; that help us to make people we spend time with feel comfortable! Imagine you attend one of those English Royal Etiquette Trainings, a few days after you attend a dinner with a die hard Texan Oil Baron. Do you think he will feel comfortable around you using the fresh learned Etiquette rules? Most likely he is going to consider you a stiff prick, and won’t think of you as a friendly and amiable person. Unless you meet with people that have attended the same Etiquette training as you, people will feel uncomfortable around you. Let’s be honest, none of us like people that show off and make us look inferior.

What is the correct Etiquette then?

It is important to realize, that Etiquette is not only changing over time, but also depends on geographical location, social status and cultural background of the person you are dealing with. At Noble&Hitsch we have therefore developed an Etiquette training that is giving you a set of skills with which you are globally safe and don’t risk any major pitfalls. In a second step, we look into regional, cultural and social differences in order to prepare yourself for a travel around the world knowing the basic rules of the major regions, cultures and social standings. The third and most important step is the ability to adjust your personal Etiquette by observing your counterpart. There is much to be learned by paying attention to others around you. It starts when you arrive at an airport, observe how people greet each other at arrival, how do they say goodbye at the departure? The secret lies within observing body language, behavior and speech. We will teach you and/or your staff, how to perfectly blend into regional, social and cultural Etiquette.

Let us know if you or your company want to start a journey of making people around you feel comfortable and happy to spend time with you.

Sincerely yours
Thomas Kaufmann

PS: Should you do have an appointment with the Queen of England. Just let us know, we will make sure she will feel comfortable spending time with you.

Thomas Kaufmann
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