Headquartered in Hong Kong, Noble & Hitsch represents the finest in Butling services in all of Asia. Noble & Hitsch specializes in providing the best personal service for your private, business, or corporate clients. Whether you’re a High net worth individual looking for that special evening or a private company who wants the absolute best for your clients, Noble & Hitsch can provide the type of service you are looking for. At Noble & Hitsch, we not only provide personal and corporate service, but we also as a added bonus, may accompany you anywhere in the world to continue to serve your needs. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our Butlers have over 50 years of combined service experience in a variety of aspects that we are sure can fulfill your individual wishes. We’re on the pulse of modern Butling techniques with always a skilled eye on our storied past as personal assistants and gentlemen’s gentlemen.


Very professional butler service Great work ethic and ready to procide bespoke solutions to cater the needs of the customer

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Very professional butler service Great work ethic and ready to procide bespoke solutions to cater the needs of the customer

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The way people communicate is not just in email or the like, more importantly it is how we speak, walk, eat and our body language that dictate how others perceive us. Noble & Hitsch can provide you the correct communication skills in this very competitive marketplace to succeed.

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The world of Private service is ever growing and evolving. No longer is the Butler just in a private home. Now we are in the public eye serving at Art Galleries, Grand openings, corporate events and of course in private homes, Yachts and planes. That’s where we come in.

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Your time is just as important to us as it is to you, Noble & Hitsch will gladly meet you when it is most convenient to you and your business, whether it is in your home, office or event location




Noble & Hitsch will only cultivate the best and highest quality of Gentleman’s accessories, such as Ties, Ascots, cufflinks, Shoeshine kits, and personal garments and toiletries.

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Unique Solutions

Have you ever dreamt about having a Butler? Living the life-style like Downton-Abbey? Noble & Hitsch is introducing for the first time in Hong Kong the possibility to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous by providing a Butler for hire!

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